The Barrowland Album Pathway

On a recent trip to Glasgow I visited this park, and walked along the path recounting the gigs I had been to here as a teenager – there were quite a few.  The walk is not in great condition anymore, doesn’t look as good as in this videos – the names are all faded, and some are really hard to make out.  But The Barrowland‘s holds a special place in the music scene in Glasgow – it is/was the place to be seen.

I have seen The Jesus and Mary Chain here, Primal Scream, INXS, Marillion, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Waterboys, My Bloody Valentine, The House of Love… to name a few.  It is a grand old ballroom, with a fully sprung dance floor (great for pogo-ing).  Beautiful both inside and out.

The pathway is a block away, in an open garden, running towards the venue,  a couple of hundred yards long and reminiscent of CD  cases on a shelf, some sitting at a slight angle while some are straight up – like the CD shelves of our youth.  Once bright and colorful – the walk is now faded and worn and in need of some love.  Hopefully, it gets it….

It is an iconic part of Glasgow, and should be preserved, and heralded for the part it has played in the history of the place.  If you are ever in the city make your way along to the east end of the city… see the walk… take the steps along it.  and return in the evening to see a show… see the neon lights.  Revel in the feeling of the place… see it’s beauty.