Jake Bugg’s Lightning Bolt

This is such a great song, Jake Bugg’s Lightning Bolt.  It has an old-school feel, as if it is a 50’s rock n roll cover version.  But it is not!  It came out in 2012, on the eponymous album Jake Bugg.  The quick and easy beat is matched by the train clack cadence of the vocals – fast and tight as the song chugs along to a Bo Diddly timing.  You could even say a skiffle style – listen to see if you can spot the washboard and listen for his Elvis like “thank you” at the end.

I listened to this album so much when it first came out…  So many great songs on it.  But this one is my favorites: all about a burst of fortunate events.

Jake has come through Philadelphia a few times, and he has just announced a new tour which will bring him back in December 2017, back to The World Cafe Live – which was the first venue I saw him at.  This video was taken in 2016 at the TLA in Philadelphia.  He always plays a few songs from every album – so whether you are a fan of the first album or the latest he has you covered.  Always a great show!

You can also see photographs from this show.