Hell is this Image

Experience the gig… even the ones you couldn’t make it to… through photographs and performance videos of your favorite artists. See the stumbles, see the falls, see the faces your idols make when they sing. See the smiles, join in on the sing-a-longs. Feel the experience of being in the room – loving every moment of it…. whether you were there or not!
Photos are that translation of the concert sound… so when you see it, you also feel/remember it.


Wonder what cover version(s) we will get from @MissMargoPrice on the #Strays tour.....
Snagged this video last time.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRGWI-xVj8Q

I appear to be trending, again, so it would be remiss not to live down to my reputation and use this raging furnace of outrage as an opportunity to mention I wrote a book. Please don’t retweet this nor purchase it, the trolls would get very cross 🧌

(AFF) http://amzn.to/3WvYiHH

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