Lowertown – Photographs – 9/19/2023

A gig by Lowertown is nothing short of organized chaos, a mesmerizing whirlwind of sound and energy that engulfs the audience in a maelstrom of emotions and music. Lowertown, known for their raw, electrifying performances, creates an atmosphere that is both exhilarating and unpredictable.

As you descend into the basement of Creep Records you feel the atmosphere is a riot of anticipation. The air is thick with sweat but without the usual spilled drinks or the scent of cigarettes. The crowd is a sea of bodies, swaying and pulsating to the rhythm of their own excitement. The chatter and laughter of fans blend into a cacophony, creating a unique pre-show symphony.

The stage itself is a chaotic masterpiece – i.e. there is no stage. The floor is adorned with a tangled mess of cables, amps, and instruments. A patchwork of color adorns the backdrop, adding to the sense of rebellion and counterculture that Lowertown embodies.

And then, the moment arrives. The band members as they take their positions – Olivia barefoot in an oversized shirt, Avsha in just his shorts.

Olivia, a charismatic tornado of energy, prowls the stage, singing with a voice that is equal parts gritty and hauntingly beautiful. The guitarist shreds with manic intensity, the drummer pounds the kit with primal fury, and the bassist lays down a  groove that rattles your bones.

A lot of these photos are of Olivia – but is because she demands the attention of the room – all 5 foot nothing of her! Getting the crowd going is her thing!  Avsha is a great guitar player – and obviously loves what he does!  Together they are a powerhouse, especially in this basement!

And then, as suddenly as it began, it’s over. But for those who witnessed the chaos of this Lowertown gig, it’s an experience they’ll carry with them, a wild, unforgettable night that defies explanation and captures the essence of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion.

A live video of Seaface was recorded at this gig.