A Philadelphia-based Post Punk Band

The Silence Kit is a Philadelphia-based post-punk band that plays textured, dark, indie rock. Inspired in equal parts by post punk, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, avant-garde and indie rock, the band was started by singer/guitarist Patrick McCay, who was joined by Benjamin Endling on guitar/synth in 2013, Darren O’Toole on drums and Justin Dushkewich on bass in 2014.

Over time The Silence Kit’s signature sound has grown more distinct, while the songwriting and arrangements continue to grow more varied and ambitious. The band’s latest LP entitled “Watershed” was released on April 8th on Azteca Records / Break Even Records, and it reflects the band’s wide palette of songwriting, mood and texture.

As you can see I have seen them live many times, and they always put on a good performance – if you get the chance, give them a listen.