How did I get here…

I have been going to shows since I was 17 (many years now), across many countries, across many genres. I always love seeing live music – all sorts of music. From my first show of Marillion (80’s prog rock) to my friends’ bands at the local pub to The Rolling Stones stadium shows—I go to see them all.

I do tend more towards the classic Rock n Roll sound of guitar, bass and drums – but don’t limit myself to that… The Chemical Brothers (2 geeky guys behind a row of keyboards and tech) blew me away when I saw them live. Peter Murphy & Nick Cave with their violinists are always worth watching. And anyone who brings on a cellist is welcome!

With the advent of smart phones, I got the opportunity to record or document the shows I attended. Keep a history, if you will. And through Facebook, I’m able to share these documents with people. The photos were often poor quality – low light and bad positioning are not your friends in this instance – but that never stopped me. I work on the assumption that technology is forever changing, so my wants and wishes will eventually come true.

And that brings me to my current camera. Small, compact, and takes great photos. Fits in my pocket, and interacts with my phone. So now I can take crisp clear photos in low light – still not much I can do about bad positioning…. For now I am limiting this site to images taken with this camera, and not putting up the old blurry phone shots, though I do still have them all Maybe I’ll leave those up on Facebook.

So I still go to shows as often as I can. Sometimes I am the oldest person there, other times I am saved that title by the people who’ve brought their teenage kids. But I am still there, documenting, photographing… keeping a history!

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