Season of the Witch by Luna

Season of the Witch by Luna – this is a cover version.

The Song

Donovan sang the original version of The Season of the Witch.  This song is part of my youth. My father was a Donovan fan – so I heard this song many times growing up. I always liked it – I liked the slow, mellow beat.. and the organ… This is one of the songs that makes me think of vinyl. Similar memories invoked by White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. So it was a nice surprise to hear this one live.

The Band

I used to listen to Galaxie 500 when I was in college. They were definitely an indie band – not in the mainstream at all – but very popular. When I heard they were imploding I looked forward to seeing what would come out of it. And one of those bands was Luna. I bought the albums by Luna, but I never saw them live. Their trips to the UK never coincided with where I was living, or when I had money. So I was happy to see them coming back around in 2015.

The show was sold out. I was about midway back from the stage. Had a great view. They played a lot of songs that took me back 20 years. It was a great show.

They came out for a second encore, and I thought I should grab some video. So I started up the camera and this is what I got. A band from my teenage years, playing a song from my youth.