Roger Daltry – The Kids are Alright

I was over on our Youtube channel, scrolling through some videos, when it occurred to me that so many of them never made it to the website.  Especially after the content loss (read about that debacle here).   So I thought I’d start a series of posts highlighting some videos, and the stories (if any) that go with them. I am calling it Saturday Afternoon Videos. Let us go back to the beginning…

The very first video I posted to the channel was Roger Daltry performing The Who’s classic “The Kids are Alright”.  A great song, by a legendary performer – and all for a good cause – The Teen Cancer Trust. At the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia – supported by Joan Jett (How can you not love Joan Jett?). A fun show – great musicians – awesome headliner and opener. Well worth checking out concerts they put on by this charity.

I do have to say – watching this video now – it is awful.  The picture is not great and the audio is just plain bad,  but in my defense the camera was new, and I was green.  The camera now gets much better audio, and I wonder if that was a software update somewhere along the way, or I just learned to use it better.  And even tho I still usually shoot from a fixed position I hope I try for a little more perspective/vision than this.

So give it a watch – originally posted back on July 28th, 2014 – let me know what you think.