So you may be wondering why this photography web site has so little photography… Here’s the story as to how that came about…

I added some new pics, and sent them to a friend  to view.  She said she couldn’t see them on mobile, but would check them out later at home.  I thought that was weird – but she was right.  No images showing up on mobile.

I noticed there was an update to the underlying framework – so I thought I would install that.

Before doing anything I backed up my content.  Always backup, people!  It is important.

That framework update actually broke my site – you couldn’t get anywhere off the home page.  Great!

I gave tech support a call.  They could roll me back – for a price.  But I had my content backed up, so I opted to wipe the site, and start again from scratch.

Got the site all set up, kicked off the content restore.


When I read the details of the error it tells me there is something wrong with my content backup.  I look at the file – 0 bytes.  I never verified my backup.

So that’s the story – 3 years of gig history  – gone.

I have the raw photo’s, and can rebuild – but it’s a lot of work.


Rebuilding starts now!!