I enjoy taking pictures. Processing them. Posting them to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Sorting through the shots, finding the right one, editing it to further enhance the captured moment. I love it.

I don’t do it for anybody, or anything. Just for me. And hopefully, some of you…

I’ve been listening to Kristin Hersh’s music for many years now. I remember the first track I heard—Throwing Muses, “Mania.” It was featured on Sounds Machine EP1, a free EP that came with Sounds magazine. The CD featured Throwing Muses, The Pixies, The Mission and Dinosaur Jr. (all bands I still listen to), and all the tracks were recorded live.

It was the 80s, and I was a poor student. You had to get value out of the freebies—needless to say, I listened to that EP. A lot. And here we are, almost 30 years later, and I still buy all of Kristin’s music and books, and see her live whenever I can.

When I saw Kristin Hersh in December 2016 I took my camera and snapped a few pics. I didn’t take too many, as Kristin’s shows are usually small and intimate, and it’s hard to disappear into the crowd there. I decided to take some shots during the opening songs and then put my camera away.

The very next day as I was looking at the photos, I came across one in particular that I liked. So I applied some filters and posted it to Twitter. I posted it to my personal account (ie. the wrong account). Great! But I left it – it was a still a nice pic.

Someone who works with Kristin commented on the pic, and a few Twitter and email conversations later, and I found myself agreeing to let her use my photo on her official site.

The image is no longer there – they have done a site refresh. But it is still a great pic, and worthy of showing off.

A moment that I captured of an artist I’ve admired for decades was displayed on her website. Color me proud.

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