Johnny Clegg – Giyana

I have been listening to Johnny Clegg for many years now.  The first song I remember was “Scatterlings of Africa” as Jaluka. There was a video that got played on SABC – it was very South African – and Johnny had a fab beard.

Johnny Clegg is many things –  dancer, anthropologist, singer, songwriter, academic, activist and French knight and recently became a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE). This energetic, passionate human being who has become one of South Africa’s greatest musical exports. He has campaigned against the injustice of apartheid South Africa and been instrumental in putting the new South Africa on the map as a cultural ambassador.

The next incarnation I came across was named Savuka.  The Third World Child album also had a version of “Scatterlings of Africa” – and it’s the album the song in the video comes from.  In fact, it has so many good songs on it – it is well worth the investment of listening to it.

Johnny has named the current tour “The Final Journey” – and it will be his last tour.  I will miss seeing him on his visits to the USA – hearing these songs I have been listening to for years, watch him dance… and hearing his stories  (he has some great stories – just think about the changes he has performed alongside in South Africa).  I will be going to see his final performance in my area – at The Keswick Theater – where I have seen him perform quite a few times before.  I will sing along as I usually do.  and although I am sad to see these gatherings coming to an end I will remember them fondly and I wish Johnny all the best in the next part of his journey – wherever it takes him.

I have a few photographs from this concert on the site as well.