Wet Leg – Photographs – 3/12/2022

Wet leg at Underground Arts in Philadelphia – what a night!  They rocked the sold-out show, playing a full set (we were all a little bit worried as they only have 4 songs released so far).  It was an early show and the age group was the full spectrum – I saw parents with their pre-teens all the way up to the usual philly show crowd.

Amidst a night of hazy scenes in their native Isle of Wight, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers found themselves at the summit of a Ferris wheel.
They decided to start a band. The band is called Wet Leg.
Arming themselves with guitars, a penchant for French disco, effervescent imaginations, and a shared love of The Ronettes and Jane Birkin, through to Ty Segall and Bjork, they set about making some recordings of their own.
The show was opened by Lowertown – who I knew nothing about.  But I will not be sleeping on then – well worth a listen, and a fun set to boot!.
I also captured a few videos from the night – the classic Chaise Longue, and Wet Dream (over on the Youtube Channel).