The House of Love – LiveInPhilly

I have been a fan of The House of Love since first hearing Christine, back in the 80’s.  I saw them play live whenever I could – mostly in Scotland.  I owned so much of their catalogue on vinyl and CD – multiple variations of each single.  And then I moved to another continent – had to ditch most of my music collection – so lost all those B sides!!  Remained a fan tho, but no longer a collector – just buying the albums.  I never thought I would get to see them live again.  Then the announcement came – The House of Love – LiveInPhilly.  Closely followed by the arrival of covid – and my hopes were dashed again – Postponed.  But not canceled – there was still hope…

But skip forward to 2022 and it all came together.  Philadelphia was the first stop on the tour!  13th October, to be exact.

I got there early – so I could be front and center for the show.  I wanted it loud – to feel the music hit me.  We were not disappointed.

I checked out the set list from the UK tour – and as it was being taped to the stage, I was happy to see it was the same!  The band came out – and they seemed as happy to see us as we were to see them.  And I got to relive my youth – and take some photos!!  It was a fantastic show.  Lived up to all my hopes.  The new band were amazing.  Really into the songs – making their parts their own.  The set contained a lot of the classics along with some of the new songs mixed in.  And the new songs fit so well.  I especially love “Clouds” which they opened the encore with.

I got some video of my favorite songs – you can see them below (these are handheld videos, and I was dancing around with happiness – so temper your expectations).

Hoping they come back soon!

The videos can be found on the Youtube channel – Christine, Shine On, Destroy the Heart and Don’t know why I love you.