I saw Resilient when they played on International Women’s day – a fund raiser for Crossroads Women’s Center. I saw the hat, you couldn’t miss the hat, and followed them to the stage. And I was glad I did. They were great. I will definitely see them again.

A femme-driven Philly band was born completely by accident out of the ashes of several other projects after a series of life-altering events. The members would eventually call themselves Resilient.

The array of influences within this band is so wide; it could quite possibly transcend the equatorial diameter most likely more than once.  While they refuse to allow themselves to be defined by any one style, there is an apparent affinity for grunge, punk, and prog-pop styles in their multi-layered musical arrangements.

The band is currently comprised of the cohesively uncanny sounds of Erin and Katie Fox; the inventive and clever stylings of blues-oriented guitarist, Buckminster Kellorgg; and is complimented finally by the silvery enigmatic grooves of bass whisperer, Alicia Dickerson.

They released their mini-album, “Imagining Things” July 2016 and followed it up with two tours and the completion of their first music video before the year was out.  They look forward to recording more music and doing some more touring in the year ahead.

Resilient has not just been a band. It’s been a place of truth, hidden strength, artistic euphoria, and a testament to the fact that music has ultimately propelled and empowered each member to overcome nearly anything among the spectrum of life’s challenges.
There’s no room for grandiose illusions, outrageous expectations, or small-minded competitive concepts…
All in all, it’s just four dorks making music together, sharing it with anyone who will listen, and simply loving it wholeheartedly:
You know…the way it’s supposed to be.