Fools Gold at MSG, by  The Stone Roses in 2016. They reunited, and came to America. and we love them for it.

“Fools Gold” was recorded at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall during the late summer of 1989, with additional vocal and guitar parts recorded later at London’s Battery Studios, during the autumn of 1989. The tracks had been worked on for four months, and the intention was to put “What the World Is Waiting For” as the A side; however, when Roddy Mckenna, Silvertone’s A&R man, heard “Fools Gold” he urged the band to use that as the A-side. The band were not completely convinced, and it was agreed, instead, to release the two tracks as a double A-side.

The dance-oriented song showcased the rhythm section of Mani on bass and Reni on percussion. Ian Brown stated the song was written over “The Funky Drummer” by James Brown, which Reni had to learn the beat from.

John Squire also plays guitar with various wah-wah pedal effects. Ian Brown sings the vocals in a whispered delivery. He would also perform with this technique for the track “Something’s Burning”. The bassline was inspired by “Know How” by Young MC, which is a sample from the Shaft theme song, performed by Isaac Hayes. The lyrics reference Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” and Marquis de Sade. Singer Ian Brown said “The verses were inspired by the 1948 Humphrey Bogart The Treasure of the Sierra Madre film adaptation.” “In the film the friends go up a mountain looking for gold. But as they go on, they start turning on one another.”

At this show I got some great photographs, as well as video for Sally Cinnamon and She Bangs the Drums.