Vixen77 – Rock n Roll Royalty

Vixen77 as part of the Royal Residency at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia, performing “Rock n Roll Royalty”.

Vixen77 is five unique females merging artistically under one common goal: to play loud rock and roll. The songs are raw, uncompromising, female-driven anthems that are a throwback to rock’s rebellious glory days. These ladies combine fiery grooves with hooks and attitude to create bangers that make people move. If The Runaways and The Stooges spawned a musical child from punk-rock basements of Philadelphia, it would be Vixen77. Known for their live shows, which are usually a sweaty mess of angry fun, Vixen77 is stripped-down, in-your-face garage-rock from five empowered women that piss off the parents and the neighbors.

Also on the bill was Candy Cigare77es and Queen Vice.