Spear of Destiny – Live in Philly

Spear of Destiny performing at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia on 2/10/2019.  The show spanned the bands career, with songs from One Eyed Jacks (released in 1984) to songs from Tontine (released in 2018).

These pics concentrate on Kirk Brandon (Vocals), Craig Adams (Bass) and Adrian Portas (Guitar) – Phil Martini (Drums) and Steve Allen Jones (Keys) were a little in the background (sorry guys).

Formed in 1983, the band’s original line-up consisted of Kirk Brandon, Stan Stammers, Chris Bell and Lascelles James. In late 1983 this line-up was superseded by Dolphin Taylor on drums, Alan St Clair on guitar, John Lennard on sax and Neil Pyzer on keyboards and additional saxophone. In 1984 John Lennard was replaced by Mickey Donnelly on Saxophone.

Spear of Destiny recorded one session for John Peel (recorded 22 November 1982, transmitted on BBC Radio 1 on 29 November 1982).

“The band played a punk-influenced form of power rock, which often had an anthemic feel.”

Their second album, One Eyed Jacks was released in 1984. It reached No. 22 in the UK Albums Chart Spear of Destiny’s reputation in the mid-1980s depended to a greater extent on their live performances.

In 1985, their album, World Service reached the UK Top 20. Founder member Stan Stammers left in 1986. In the wake of the release of the fourth album, Outland (1987) and its Top 15 hit “Never Take Me Alive”, the band began achieving some chart success and staging sell-out concerts, including a support slot to U2 at Wembley Stadium. However, ill fortune struck on the eve of the band’s appearance at the Reading Festival, as Brandon developed reactive arthritis which obliged the band to put all their plans on hold for nearly a year

Spear of Destiny have had 10 UK Singles Chart entries. Four reached the Top 50 but only one made the Top 20 – “Never Take Me Alive” (1987).

There were also some videos captured at this show – Mr Livingstone I presume and Land of Shame