Pixies – Live in Philly – 3/18/2019

The Pixies came on at 8:30 sharp, on a Monday night.  There was no chit chat, no banter.  The indie rock gods were here to play some loud rock n roll – nothing more.  And they delivered!

The set ran about 100 or 105 minutes long, with maybe 15 – 30 seconds between tracks.  As I said – there was no messing around.  They were tight, with no need for internal communications.  These musicians know their craft – and know it well.   The set list left out very little from their career – see it below.  The only song I might have missed hearing was “Is she weird” but everything else I wanted was there – including “Head On”.  In my book, Pixies are the only people that have ever done a Jesus and Marychain cover any justice.

Charles looked weary from all the touring (they have been on the go for the past year, almost) but he did not hold back.  Frank Blacks signature croaky, cracked screams got us all.  Standing out front in the spotlight, as if he belonged there.  And he so belongs there.

Joey Santiago is the complete opposite.  A guitar god-like genius that hides in the shadows.  Steps out every now and then to damage your hearing with some searing hot guitar, and then steps back.  Some of these songs he has been playing for over 30 years – they don’t sound tired or over-rehearsed – they sound fresh and loud and screechy and… and. as Pixies songs should!

Paz and David make up a thunderous backbeat to a thunderously loud band.  Both of them making a solid din behind Charles and Joey – but in a style all of their own.  Adding vocals and vocal sounds (looking at Paz for this one) to fill in the gaps on some of the songs, but their sheer volume is what makes them part of the band.

Still an incredibly loud band – as they always have been.  Some of the crowd wore earplugs, some of us just wanted to feel the ringing in our ears.  I go see Pixies every time they come to town – you should too.



Mr. Grieves
Nimrod’s Son
Death Horizon
Here Comes Your Man
Motorway to Roswell
Bel Esprit
Rock Music
Saint Nazaire
Bone Machine
Wave of Mutilation
Head On (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)
Isla de Encanta
Graveyard Hill
Classic Masher
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Where Is My Mind?
Blown Away
Winterlong (Neil Young cover)
All the Saints
Ed Is Dead
Gouge Away
Planet of Sound