Kristin Hersh gave us a fabulous show at Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia. Since her usual spot to visit – The Tin Angel – is no more this was her first visit to Boot & Saddle – and it worked out great.

She sat on a stool at the front of the stage and sang. Told us some stories, had a laugh, snarled some songs and seemed to enjoy herself in front of the crowd. The set contained songs spanning her career – songs from Hips and Makers and The Grotto, all the way up to Wyatt at The Coyote Palace. All great songs, and all fit into her singer song writer style.

Songwriter, guitarist and singer, Kristin Hersh has released over 20 records solo, with Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE. She’s also the author of an acclaimed memoir — based on her teenage diary — about a particularly eventful year, titled “Rat Girl” in the USA (published by Penguin), and titled “Paradoxical Undressing” in the UK (published by Atlantic Books).

Along with these photographs I also took a couple of videos – The Cuckoo and Sno Cat.