You Really Got Me performed by Dave Davies (of The Kinks) in October 2015 at Bethlehem Steel Works.

See Dave playing guitar on this classic from 1964. Power chord after power chord. This song is considered The Kinks breakthrough hit – and charted in both the UK and the USA.  The influential distortion sound of the guitar track on the original recording was created after Dave sliced the speaker cone of his guitar amplifier with a razor blade and poked it with a pin.  Ray and Dave Davies remained the only two steady members of The Kinks throughout their run together. They were accompanied by an oft-changing roster of bassists and keyboardists.

I grew up listening to the Kinks, so when I found out Dave was playing nearby I jumped at the chance. And to hear him play this made me very happy, coz with the volume of solo stuff Dave has I wasn’t sure how many Kink’s numbers we were going to get.  He did not disappoint he played a few of the classics, like Not like Everybody Else (You can also see this one on my Youtube Page, All Day and All of The Night etc ) in between his own great songs.

A fun night at a great venue to see a living legend in action!

I will do it again!!